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Latest works

“Landscapes” Series

Iconic Australia is the latest in my series that I am fond of. 

Work in progress
November Work in progress

“Wild and tame friends” Series

Cats, donkeys, birds…I love them all and they, for some reason are a delight to draw. 

Capturing my imagination of cats making friends with birds and donkeys playing along.

This exhibition is a reflection of the creation around us and variety of other wildlife and pets we so dearly love.

“Curious by Nature” Series

Nature has been a constant love in my life from early childhood, and I am hugely grateful for the amazing opportunities I had growing up in rural Africa, surrounded by all creatures great and small!

When I see young children being raised now with no contact with nature & wildlife other than the bit they may see on TV, I am left saddened – what a missed opportunity to interact with the incredible creatures we share this beautiful planet.

This exhibition is a reflection of the slowly emerging awareness more, and more parents have of the need for their children to be in natural surroundings, to learn from nature and hopefully come to appreciate it more.

After all, our children are the future caretakers. To date, most of the paintings have sold, but since the series was such a success, I thought I would expand it next year with a variety of other wildlife.

Curious by Nature

Pet portraits

Our pets have a special place in our hearts and memories.

Capturing them in a personalised drawing makes for an ideal gift to be treasured for years to come.

Portraits of People

Our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces & nephews all add immeasurable joy to our lives & precious memories.